Parking Management System with Ticket and LPR


Plate Recognition System Features
The system correctly recognizes the vehicle plates at the accuracy rate of 90% and gives the related query result.
It recognizes the plate in a very short period of time.
It is capable of reading the plate with different structures. For example; single row or two row plates.
It can accurately and quickly recognizes the plates of the vehicles moving successively.
It is capable of running day and night thanks to the connected cameras in the system. It can also adapt to different light environments.
It records all vehicles passing through the system at every turn.
The record information; plate, time, date and route.
The recorded plate can then be queried, reported and printed.
A user can be assigned to the system and the system can be managed remotely. Automatic barrier triggering and control can be provided.
In the system, it is possible to assign “authorized” vehicles which can pass through the system automatically if requested.
It is possible to access the reports on the parking spaces usage of the vehicles.
There is an interface system that can be used by everyone easily.
It operates in Server—Client logic. The information is collected in a server and the said information can be retrieved if requested.
It is very easy to set it up.